sábado, maio 19, 2007


Recebi um e-mail da minha irmã outro dia mostrando as obras desse artista plástico, fiquei impressionada, pois o trabalho dele é tão realista que não tem como saber que são esculturas só pelas fotos. Procurei no Google e achei várias coisas sobre ele, é realmente impressionante!!!!! A maioria das matérias são em inglês....

Impressioante:estas 2 velhinhas são esculturas...

Ron Mueck, who was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1958, worked for twenty years as a professional puppet maker on TV shows such as Sesame Street and The Muppets, and as a creator of special effects for films such as Dreamchild and Labyrinth, before making the transition to contemporary art. In 1996, Mueck made a sculpture of Pinocchio for the painter Paula Rego, his mother-in-law, which was subsequently noticed by Charles Saatchi. A year later, Mueck's sculpture Dead Dad, was exhibited in the legendary Britart show 'Sensation' at London's Royal Academy.
Earlier this year a major exhibition of his work was shown at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh attracting the highest number of visitors the Academy has ever had for any exhibition - over 150,000. The exhibition opens today at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the same institution that showed the 'Sensation' exhibition in 1999 despite efforts by Mayor Rudolph Guiliani to withhold city funding from the museum and threats to evict the museum from its city-owned premises (the museum responded by suing the City of New York for violation of their First Amendment rights, and won).Mueck's attention to detail and the sheer technical brilliance of his figures, such as Dead Dad which featured in 'Sensation', are breathtaking, but it is the way that he plays with scale that is most striking about his work. His sculptures are lifelike but not lifesize, and being face to face with the tiny, gossiping Two Women or the monumental woman in In Bed - the sculpture extends to over 21 feet - is an unforgettable experience, an artistic, three-dimensional equivalent of Gulliver's Travels.

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